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You can find the artifact to reproduce the evaluation results of Pivot in our ICSE 2019 paper at: DOI or our GitHub Repo.

Pivot Introduction

This project targets at providing assistance to diagnose and fix fragmentation-induced compatibility issues (FIC issues). Pivot targets at learning valid API-device correlations from existing Android apps. Such API-device correlations could help app developers to reduce search space for FIC issues to APIs that can cause compatibility issues on specific devices.

On this page, we provide our FIC issue archive containing 17 real world FIC issues collected with the help of Pivot and video clips demonstrating inconsistent behavior of FIC issues.

FIC Issue archive

All the information of our (currently) collected FIC issues are available in the archive.

FIC issue demo videos

All the demo videos are available in our YouTube Playlist

Lili Wei, Yepang Liu, S.C. Cheung. “PIVOT: Learning API-Device Correlations to Facilitate Android Compatibility Issue Detection” in Proceedings of 41st ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2019). To appear. [acceptance rate: 109/529 = 20.6%] Check out a preprint here!